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Example of a Binary Options Trade

Suppose you want to trade EUR/USD via  binary options. Before you place the order you are given the rules: Exact return in percentage if the price is above or below certain level at a predefined moment in the future. In the case shown on the picture below, the trader placed EUR 300 predicting that the price of EUR/USD will be below 1.30729 in 1 hour from now. If the option expires below that price, the return will be fixed EUR 240, so in total their account will have EUR 540. Otherwise the investment (EUR 300) will be lost.

As the name suggests, if the binary option expires “in the money”, the trader will simply get the money. If the price finishes outside this zone, the investment is lost. This type of binary options trade is one of the most simple and straight-forward. There are plenty of other trade types suitable for more experienced traders.

Why Trade Binary Options?

Binary Options are different from Forex and CFDs. See the main benefits:

  • •  No Margin.
  • •  No Margin Calls.
  • •  No holding losing position forever – expiry times as little as 5 minutes!
  • •  Profit from rising, falling and range markets.
  • •  No spreads and commissions.
In fact each binary option trade has only two possible outcomes – win or lose. This approach allows traders to focus on technical and fundamental analysis to better predict the market rather than focusing on complex schemes and models in trading itself.

Top 10 Things You need to Know about Binary Options!

The main terms you must know:

  •  Expiry date: This is the moment when the trade is closed.
  •   Strike price: The price above/below which the option has to expire in order for you to win.
  •  Option Price: The minimum price you need to pay to enter the trade.
  •  Return in %: The Return in % you will get if the option expires above/below the strike price.
  • In-the-money: The option expires in-the-money if your prediction was right and the option finished above/below the price level you specified when entered the trade
  •   Out-of-the-money: The option expires out-fo-the-money if your prediction was not correct.
  •  Call/Put: Old fashioned way of saying “above or below” the Strike Price, binary options brokers apply the term “High or Low” thus making it easy for the traders to understand.

The main types of binary options:

  •  High / Low – You have to predict if the binary option will expire above or below the current price (the price at the moment you place the trade). Read a detailed review of High Low Binary Options.
  •   Touch / No Touch – You have to predict if the option will touch or not touch a specified price level before it expires. Read a detailed review about Touch Binary Options.
  •  Boundary – Also called “Tunnel” or “In/Out” binary options. Here you have to predict if the option will expire within certain price range. Read a detailed review about Boundary binary options.


What is Traded in Binary Options Markets?

Almost every asset traded on a stock exchange is also traded via  binary options. The most well presented group is Forex which is traded 24 hours and volumes continue to grow.

•  Currencies – The Forex Market is immense. It currently has almost 5 trillion USD volume per day! The most traded currency pair is EUR/USD which volumes and activity ensure the volatility needed to trade the markets. With binary options you can even profit from a range markets by simply placing an order that the price will stay in the range till expiry.

•  Commodities – the brokers do not offer so great variety of commodities but the market will surely evolve and more will available for traders. Those are well known Corn, Cocoa, Coffee, etc. contracts traded on the major commodity stock exchanges.

•  Stock Indexes – The stock indexes representing a portfolio of stocks of the major companies in a country (or in a business sector) are usually trader via CFD’s on Futures. Brokers now offer the opportunity to trade Indexes via Binary options by predicting if the price of an index will be in a certain range in a predefined moment of time.

•  Stocks -The Stocks or Shares market is usually hardly accessible for the average small trader due to its high fees and minimum trade volumes requirements. Binary options give you the opportunity to trade the large companies stock prices with a small amount.

Most traded currency pairs

•    EUR/USD
•    GBP/USD
•    USD/JPY
•    USD/CHF
•    USD/CAD
•    USD/AUD
•    USD/NZD
•    CHF/USD

Start Trading Forex Binary Options with a selected broker!

Most traded commodities

  •  Crude Oil
  • Coffee
  •  Natural Gas
  •  Gold
  •  Brent Oil
  •  Silver
  • Sugar
  •  Corn
  • Wheat
  • Cotton

Most traded Stock Indexes

  • Dow Jones (US)
  •  S&P500 (US)
  •  Nikkei 255 (Japan)
  •  Hang Seng (Hong Kong)
  •  SSE180 (Shanghai, China)
  •  FTSE100 (UK)
  • Xetra DAX (Germany)
  • CAC40 (France)
  • Zurich SMI (Switzerland)
  • TADWUL (Saudi Arabia)
  •  MICEX10 (Russia)
  •  IBEX35 (Spain)
  • Strait Times (Singapore)
  • Tel Aviv 25 (Israel)

Most traded Stocks

Stocks trading activities vary significantly over time due to the events within the companies or other external factors. That is why the companies listed below are just a snapshot of what is actively traded durting the time this article was written. The large companies are usually called “Blue Chips” and can be easily found on daily stocks news websites such as Google Finance (best for US Markets) or Yahoo Finance (best for Asian Markets). We will just list some of the most traded blue chips on the US markets.

  •  Cisco Systems Inc.
  •  Facebook Inc.
  •  Groupon Inc.
  •  Intel Corp.
  • Microsoft Corp.
  •  Oracle Corp.
  •  Apple Inc.

Binary Options Bonuses

We listed each binary options broker’s bonus both in the brokers’ list and each broker detailed profile. You can contact your preferred broker and enquire a customized bonus according to your needs. Here are the main types of bonuses in binary options markets:
Deposit Bonus – It is a bonus provide by the broker upon funding your account and executing some trade volume.
Cash Back Bonus – Fixed one-time bonus. Check the bonuses offer by our partners
No Deposit Bonus – You receive free money to trade with. In order to withdraw you have to execute significant trading volumes.

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