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    Min Deposit: 250 USD/EUR/GBP




    Bonus: 25%




    Payment methods: Credit/Debit Card (VISA, VISA Electron, MasterCard, Maestro), Bank

    wire, Moneybookers, Cash U




    Account currency:  USD, EUR, GBP





    English, French, German, Spanish,

    Dutch, Italian, Greek, Arabic




    Traders from USA: NO


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Binary Options Types:

Binary Options – StockPair offers only the traditional and most effective type of binary options trading. It requires you to choose an asset from the available commodities, indices, stocks or currency pairs and then decide whether the price of the asset will go up or down. The platform provides only binaries or pairs options trading in order to keep things simple, easily comperhensive and accessible to everyone. The benefit is that instead of spending time on learning the option types in depth you can focus on following the market trends, exploring your investment options and then make an effortless trade.

Pair Options – Pair trading is a type of trade which gives you the chance to trade on the relative performance of two stocks. StockPair offer fixed and floating pair options which are described in detail in the StockPair review below. The stock pair trading has a high payout of up to 350% from your investment and it gives you the opportunity to use your understanding of the stock markets to make substantial profits.

................................................................ Total Assets: 132 See full list

................................................................ Features:

Max gain – 350%
In The Money – 86% - 350% profitability
Out The Money – no return
Cancel Trade Mobile Trading Platform/Trade from your iPhone, iPad or Android

StockPair Review

StockPair is an international broker offering online binary options and pair options trading. They are founded in 2010 in Ireland and now they are part of Nextrade Worldwide Ltd. based in Cyprus. Their clients are from more than 100 different countries and the website of the broker can be accessed in five different languages other than English – you can read it also in Spanish, Italian, French, Arabic and Dutch.

The platform is very interactive and is optimized to suit the needs of every trader offering desktop or mobile trading display and easy to use navigation through the menus. StockPair have a secured connection for online transactions which keeps safe your private data and makes money transfers easy.

StockPair have several industry awards including Best Broker for 2012 – an award from the FX Empire Network, and they were also  the Most Innovative Binary Platform for 2012 at the Daily Forex Awards.

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StockPair Assets

StockPair is a broker offering a wide variety of assets to choose from with a special attention on the stock market. The commodities available for trading on the platform are gold, silver, oil and gas. There are seven currencies (euro, dollar, British pound, Japanese yen and Swiss franc) and they are put in nine currency pairs, the most common and preferred by traders – EUR/USD, EUR/JPY, EUR/GBP, AUD/USD, JPY/GBP, GBP/USD, USD/CAD, USD/CHF and USD/JPY. The eight indices present are AEX, DAX, CAC 40, NASDAQ, FTSE, Dow Jones, TADAWUL, S&P.

And of course – a long list of stocks at your choice. Among them are companies like Apple, Google, Amazon, Air France-KLM, Ford Motor Company, Baidu, AOL Inc., Facebook, Coca Cola, Deutsche Lufthansa, JP Morgan Chase & Co., Hewlett Packard, PepsiCo Inc., Microsoft, Vodafone, Wal-Mart, Verizon, Renault SA, Marks and Spencer Group Plc., IBM, HSBC, Heineken, Deutsche Bank, General Motors, Home Depot, Cisco, Daimler AG, FedEx, eBay, Barclays, GAP, McDonald’s, Pfizer Inc., Starbucks, Tesco and others.

StockPair Trading

What is interesting and rare about StockPair among the binary options brokers is that they offer – as their name suggests – trading on stock pairs like Google VS. Facebook, Apple VS. Microsoft or Coca Cola VS. PepsiCo. These pair options offer traders the opportunity to take advantage of their knowledge and observations on the relative performance of different stocks. When you choose a stock pair to trade on you can win the option if you predict correctly which company will perform better for a certain period regardless of whether the stocks’ prices are going up or they are getting cheaper.

With pairs trading all that matters is which stock will have an overall better performance than the other for the set period even if both stocks finish worse than they were at the time when the trade was opened. Additionally, in pair trading on the StockPair platform you can close the trade before the expiry to maximize your profits or reduce possible losses on the investment.

Fixed and Floating Pair Options

With StockPair you can choose one out of two types of pairs trading – fixed pair options and floating pair options.  Fixed pair options measure the relative performance of a stock pair for the time from when the trade is opened until its expiry – you can set the expiry at any time from one hour ahead to 150 days. Payouts for pairs trading on a fixed pair option can be up to 86%.

Floating pair options give another opportunity – the prices of the stocks are compared for a predefined period – a day, a week or a month and it doesn’t matter at what time you open the trade – the result of the trade is revealed at the end of the set period. With floating pair options the payouts are extremely high – up to 350%.

You can choose to trade the stock pair Google vs. Facebook. You have to choose whether to trade on a fixed or a floating option and either set an expiry time or choose a period of one day, one week or one month. Then you decide how much you want to invest on the pair option and you will see that the payout for the two stocks is constantly changing. This is a result of the price movements in real time and you can wait until the payout of your chosen stock rises or directly open the trade. After the expiry the relative performance of the two stocks will be calculated for the whole period of the trade.

Let’s say you invested $100 on Google with a 46% payout and you have chosen a floating option with a period of one week. Then it turns out that Google’s shares had a better overall performance than those of Facebook for the week. This means you win the option and you take $146 with a profit of $46. If Facebook had a better performance, you lose the option and you don’t get a return.

StockPair Trading Platform

As we mentioned above, StockPair’s trading platform is considered very innovative compared to other binary options brokers. They have implemented new technologies to make the platform friendlier to users – now there are intuitive features and easy access to every one of them. Yet this doesn’t make it less powerful for traders who want an advanced level.

The software is web-based which makes the platform additionally lighter for traders because thus they don’t depend on the condition of their devices but only on having an internet connection. There is a mobile version available and you can trade from your iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone using the same functionalities as if from a desktop.

StockPair Account Types

In general, you open an account with StockPair without having to choose what type it is. You can deposit a minimum of $250 and depending on the amount of the deposit StockPair automatically gives you access to the premium types of accounts. There are four types – Silver, Gold, Platinum and VIP. They require a deposit of more than $1000, $5000, $20000 or $50000 respectively. Their benefits are described in the table from the screenshot below:

StockPair Demo Account

Many traders are interested in trying out a platform with a demo account before they start trading with a live account. Usually these are the new traders who want to get familiar with options trading. Demo accounts however are not often offered by binary options brokers, mainly because option trading is easy unlike trading on the Forex market.

StockPair however offer the perfect solution to the ones who want a demo account. They have developed a trade simulator which shows in detail how to trade on pair options. Apart from this comprehensive demo there are tutorials available and every trader can learn everything about binary options and even become an advanced professional using the suggested strategies on the website.

StockPair Withdrawal

Deposit and withdrawal methods are available for different countries and to suit your personal needs. You can use a credit card which is known to be the fastest way to make transactions – both deposits and withdrawals, but you can also prefer bank wire, Moneybookers or a different method of payment. When you open your account initially you have to deposit at least 200 currency units – U.S. dollars, euros or British pounds and there is a set maximum limit of 2000 units.

After you open your account it is recommended that as soon as possible you send all the documents required for authentication of your account – this is a copy of your ID, a utility bill to prove your address and a copy of your credit card to validate that you own it. This account authentication is required by international financial regulators and without it you can’t upgrade your account and you can’t withdraw any profits.

StockPair have a serious benefit over other brokers with one detail of their withdrawal process. While most binary options brokers require that you make a certain amount of trades before withdrawing and have a higher minimum required sum for withdrawal, StockPair let you withdraw your profits any time you want and the amount must be at least $20, which is definitely not as much as with other brokers.

A request for a withdrawal is handled in a maximum of two days by StockPair’s team. After that it usually takes more time to institutions than the broker to make the transfer to your account. In total it might take a week before you receive your withdrawal. In the menu of your account on the platform there are options for deposit, withdrawal and for cancelling a withdrawal as well.

StockPair Bonus

Occasionally StockPair offer different bonuses – holiday bonus, first deposit bonus and others. When there is an active bonus promotion available from StockPair we will make sure to announce it on our website so keep coming back to check.

StockPair Pros & Cons


– Great choice of underlying assets

– Many types of trading accounts

– Up-to-date daily market reviews


– No return for out-of-the-money trades

– No Demo account


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