60 second options strategy

I open chart of the currency pair EUR / USD M1 and construct three moving averages, blue 7 MA, yellow 21 MA, and red 50 MA  to show us the strength of the trend, and then wait for either a  bullish candle in bearish trend or a bearish candle in bullish trend. The following figure (Figure 1) shows the scenario of  opening a short position (Put option). Since the candles are for a one-minute period and the opening price is 1.3298, we see that the next candle has closed at 1.3293 price (Figure 2) and in this case we have a profit. A similar case can be seen in Figure 3. In Figure 4 we have opened a long position (Call option) at a price of 1.3290 and after 60 seconds the closing price is at the level of 1.3292 (figure 5).

Figure 1

/Figure 1/

Figure 2

/Figure 2/

Figure 3

/Figure 3/

Figure 4

/Figure 4/

Figure 5

/Figure 5/

This Trading Strategy is provided by Dimitar Petkov


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