Trading Strategy with 3 instruments traded on NYSE

I choose three financial instruments that are traded on NYSE. In this case I chose the indices DOW and S & P, as well as the APPLE shares. As we know, after each upward movement a correction follows and after each correction an upward movement comes. The charts in Figure 1 show the short-term corrective moves marked by red lines. After a break above the trend correction line I confirm the upward trend resumption. I open the positions (in this case call options) with 4-hour expiry period. Then I wait until the expiry of the binary option and check the result shown in Figure 2.
The strategy can be used with more financial instruments – 4,5,6 and a above, it all depends on the deposited funds and the risk management strategy.

Fig. 1


This Trading Strategy is provided by Dimitar Petkov


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